12 Point Flange Screws

HASM is an ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D and ISO 14001:2015 certified manufacturer and worldwide supplier of standard & custom 12 point flange screws including those manufactured from the following materials: Hastelloy® C-276, Hastelloy® C-22, Hastelloy® B-2, Hastelloy® G-30, Monel® 400, Monel® K-500, Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, Inconel® 718, Incoloy® A-286, Titanium Grade 2, Titanium Grade 5, Titanium Grade 7, Duplex S31803, Duplex S32205 and Super Duplex S32750, to name a few.

12 Point Flange Screws

Applications & Specifications

HASM 12 Point Flange Screws are manufactured by the cold heading and hot forming technologies in nominal diameters ranging from 1/8”- 3” (M3 – M80). We offer flange screws in both USCS/Imperial and metric sizes.

HASM’s advanced and comprehensive range of capabilities include engineering, R&D, prototyping, custom manufacturing, precision processing and testing. All HASM materials are sourced from the most reputable and exacting foundries in the world. We maintain a multi-million-dollar inventory of fasteners in our product warehouse, which enables HASM to select, package and expedite your flange screw order quickly.

We are globally recognized as the emerging leader of high-quality, nickel alloy fasteners and are proud to serve our distributors, EPCs, OEM and MRO customers worldwide.

HASM fasteners meet applicable ASTM, ANSI, ASME, SAE, API, NAS, AN, MS, NACE, ISO, DIN, and KS standards.


The markets we serve include Chemical Processing, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical & Refining, Air Pollution Control, and Water Treatment.

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Flange Screw Material Options

Inconel® 600, UNS N06600, DIN EN 2.4816
Inconel® 601, UNS N06601, DIN EN 2.4851
Inconel®625, UNS N06625, DIN EN 2.4856
Inconel®718, UNS N07718, DIN EN 2.4668

Incoloy® 800H, UNS N08810, DIN EN 1.4958
Incoloy® 800HT, UNS N08811, DIN EN 1.4959
Incoloy® 825, UNS N08825, DIN EN 2.4858
Incoloy® 925, UNS N09925, DIN EN –

Hastelloy® C-276, UNS N10276, DIN EN 2.4819
Hastelloy® C-22, UNS N06022, DIN EN 2.4602
Hastelloy® B-2, UNS N10665, DIN EN 2.4617
Hastelloy® G-30, UNS N06030, DIN EN 2.4063

Monel® 400, UNS N04400, DIN EN 2.4360
Monel® K-500, UNS N05500, DIN EN 2.4375

Nickel 200, UNS N02200, DIN EN 2.4060, 2.4066
Nickel 201, UNS N02201, DIN EN 2.4061, 2.4068

Zr 702, UNS R60702, DIN EN –
Zr 705, UNS R60705, DIN EN –

Titanium Gr-2, UNS R50400, DIN EN 3.7035
Titanium Gr-5, UNS R56400, DIN EN 3.7164, 3.7165
Titanium Gr-7, UNS R52400, DIN EN 3.7235
Titanium Gr-23, UNS R56401, DIN EN –

AL-6XN®, UNS N08367, DIN EN –
25-6Mo, Alloy 926, UNS N08926 (N08925), DIN EN 1.4529
254 SMO, UNS S31254, DIN EN 1.4547

A-286 Stainless Steel, UNS S66286, DIN EN 1.4980
310S Stainless Steel, UNS S31008, DIN EN 1.4845
317L Stainless Steel, UNS S31703, DIN EN 1.4438
321 Stainless Steel, UNS S32100, DIN EN 1.4541
904L Stainless Steel, UNS N08904, DIN EN 1.4539
Nitronic® 60, UNS S21800, DIN EN –

Duplex 2205, UNS S32205, S31803, DIN EN 1.4462
Super Duplex 2507, UNS S32750, DIN EN 1.4410
Super Duplex S32760, UNSS32760, DIN EN 1.4501

12 Point Flange Screw Dimensions Table

NOTE: ALL 12 point flange screw DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES.

INCONEL®, MONEL®, INCOLOY® and 800HT® are registered trademark of the Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

HASTELLOY® is a registered trademark of Haynes International Inc.

Zircadyne® is a registered trademark of the ATI Properties Inc. companies.

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